Friday, May 15, 2020

#72 - Career Expert Series - Global Careers - Chizzy Igbokwe

#72 - Career Expert Series - Global Careers - Chizzy Igbokwe The Career Insider Podcast Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSSForEpisode 72of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from a Chizzy Igbokwewho will be talking to use about the different type of global careers.This interview is part of the “Career Expert Series“.evalGuest Introduction â€" Chizzy IgbokweevalChizzy Igbokwe found her calling during one specific college class.She was less motivated and committed during that time, and was all set to attend class without taking it seriously, when all of a sudden her professor began to speak about working abroad in Japan.That specific piece of information caught her attention, and changed her career trajectory, and ultimately her entire life.Episode Summary1. Chizzy talks about working abroad, how it has completely changed her life for the better, and the various experiences and motivations behind continuing to have a global career.2. She also explains the difference between Digital Nomads, Ex pats, and Jet-setters when it comes to world travel.3. She describes the style of travel that each type of person does, and the risk involved with them.eval4.She talks about the different points that people come to her with when starting to examine the idea of traveling abroad.5. She offers some insights on those issues, and talks about the various things people tend to look for in destinations, and why some countries are more popular choices than others.6. Chizzy shares the challenges that present themselves once a person has selected the country they wish to live in.7. She describes the types of mental blocks and resistances that people go through, as well as the things that can be put in place to aid with it.eval8. She also talks about the importance of community, and being open minded when exploring the notion of traveling and working abroad.Quotes“You can work outside of the places you are from”“Your gifts are not for you, and your pain is not for you”“I want to pick up and leave everything I know”“The hardest part of this journey is actually the mental piece”“When you’re aware of the mental challenges, because everyone has them, that’s when you set yourself up for success”“Resistance happens, and successful people understand that and prepare for that”“Getting caught up in our “shoulds” gets us into trouble”LinksTo learn more about Chizzy Igbokwe’s work visit herwebsite.evalYou can also connect with her onLinkedIn.Join her global Facebook communitywhere she brings in guest experts to do free training for her members.Intro Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack â€" Siren KickbackEnding Music provided courtesy of Accelerated Ideas ( Soundtrack â€" No Need to Rush

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