Friday, May 22, 2020

Top 5 Gifts for College Girls

Top 5 Gifts for College Girls College girls aren’t that hard to buy gifts for when you try to think back to your own days in college and think about all the things you needed that you just couldn’t spare money for. This list will hopefully help to give you a better idea of what college girls really want. If this list still doesn’t help you out completely, you can check out Gifts To Last for even more ideas to get college girls. Cute Stationary Stationary is something all college girls are going to need throughout college, without a doubt. One of the best ways to stay motivated for studying is to have stationary that matches and that has a cute theme. Getting her a nice set of stationary that will last a long time will make a big impact on her studying as a whole and she’ll definitely be grateful for it once she sees how fasts her pens run out while she’s in college. A Good Calendar College girls are going to have a busy schedule. Between tests, tasks and all the social obligations, she might find it hard to keep track of all their responsibilities. A nice calendar will help them to do this and at the same time it will be great gift. Get them a calendar with a theme that you know they’ll like and if you don’t know them that well, get a minimalistic one that will fit with any theme she might already have in her room. Storage Crates Cute storage crates will make dorm room living a lot easier. Buy them in a size that will easily be able to slide under a bed so she can make the most of her space and keep her room clutter free. Living with a roommate will mean her space will be limited and dorm rooms aren’t really know for being very big and with lots of room to store things. That’s why storage crates are an essential for all college students and even more for college girls who generally have a bit more to store. A Portable Charger College girls are always on the go and being out with a dead phone can be a big inconvenience, especially if she relies on mobile app based services like Uber to get around. Get her a portable charger that she can keep in her handbag or backpack for those emergencies when she needs her phone but the battery has run out. A Backpack College girls are always on the go and that means they’ll always need to be carrying a backpack with them to keep their books and other essentials close by. Chances are that she already has a backpack, but having a backup will definitely come in handy. The times that a backpack has broken and a girl has to walk around carrying her books in her arms are too many to count. She’ll be infinitely grateful for the backup bag when disaster strikes.

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